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Below a brief overview of the results we have achieved for our clients in the last 10 years :

->  Valuations, acquisitions and  sales various companies (up to EUR 10 billion) ;
->  Financial, fiscal and legal settlements as a result of sales companies ; 
->  Various stakeholders / management buy-in and buy-outs ; 
->  Financial modeling for attracting investors ;
->  Management of financiel funds (up to EUR 800 million) and companies (license AFM) ;
->  Redefinition of strategies and positioning ;
->  Repositioning and / or restructuring SME companies due to financial crisis ;
->  Managing  apparently unbeatable conflicts and mediation ;
->  Implementation new process-oriented methods, centralization and downsizing of departments.

The results were mostly realized in highly sensitive political / administrative environments, media sensitive situations and / or a high degree of risk for conflict situations.

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