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Nielson IM works from an interim / temporary management position and / or from a mentoring / advising function for shareholders, politicians, management of governments, supervisory boards, board of directors and management of large and medium sized companies.

The sectors in which we have extensive experience are:  financial & legal institutions, political environments / government, energy,  buiding & engineering, education, healthcare and high-tech.

Over more then 10 years we have built a network of the best qualified and experienced international financial, legal, ICT, communication and marketing consultants.  Depending on the complexity of the assignment, we can put together a team from an independent position to realize the maximum results for our client.  In this case, Nielson IM coordinates the team and takes the full responsibility to achieve the best value, both short and long-term, for our clients.

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Tel: +31 6 40947951
E-Mail: info@executive-management.eu