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" Welcome to our website.  We appreciate your visit."

Nielson IM Executive Management (Nielson IM) is a leading management and consulting company in the field of high strategic and financial organizational issues.  We are temporary managing and advising businesses and other organizations.

Nielson IM works closely with their clients to create sustainable improvements in business performance both short-term as long-term.  We have expertise and knowledge on issues as :

->  reorientation of strategy and positioning ;
->  acquisition and sale of companies ;
->  shareholders / management buy-in and buy-out ;
->  realizing the objectives and improve profitability ;
->  restructuring and optimizing companies ;
->  conflict management ;
->  temporary replacement of general and / or financial management.

Our approach is efficient, to the point and innovative whilst realizing the full potential for shareholders and management.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can help you further improve your business.

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Tel: +31 6 40947951
E-Mail: info@executive-management.eu